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A new name in the mobile MMORPG Universe! 

Hardcore no-auto-play fun with focus on players' skills & real-time interaction.

About Game


Real-time PVP battles anytime, anywhere directly on the multi-level map at any location (500+ players at each location). The well-thought-out system of battles, with other players, or monsters, with a large set of unique skills is breathtaking, and allows you to use various tactical tricks to achieve superiority over opponents even in the most difficult of situations! 

A special “ TARGET LOCK” & interactive combat system has also been implemented.


About the game

Real PvP

Immerse yourself in an exciting world of battles, with dangerous monsters, bosses, and real players from around the world. You can fight alone, or team up with your friends and display your superiority in tactics and strategy.

Your attitude towards others is determined only by your preferences.


Find your unique path to fame and fortune in the World of the Abyss (WOTA)! 

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Class System

There are four classes of heroes: Titan, Archer’s Ghost, Fire Lord, Saint’s Ambassador. 

It's easy to change types of heroes by changing weapons. Try all classes without creating multiple heroes. 

When changing professions, you will not need to endlessly pump your skills again and again. All your experience and everything that you have earned for the game is saved.

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